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Poly-Marble Wall Clock

Support the circular design and economy by adopting the poly-marble wall clock without further delay. Made by young artisans out of this innovative material based on recycled plastic from cosmetics containers, the poly-marble wall-clock will give a modern touch to your home or office. Kudos to this wall clock for also giving the correct time!

Support circular economy and live in a more sustainable way at your own scale with Niimaar and its selection of smart, eco-friendly & very stylish design accessories & furnitures.




Out of stock


Cool Wall Clock made out of Lush cosmetics containers by young plastic artisans working with post consumer plastics. The material is also known as Poly-Marble. The idea is to make “precious plastic”, give new life to old plastic packaging and contribute to a circular economy and to create zero waste. Every piece is unique. Available for preorder.