Ecosmol Recycling Furniture by Harri Koskinen


Our first product Ecosmol was created with love and care, every detail was carefully looked through from best Nordic design to most functional material, Finnish birch, to provide the most optimal product for our customers. The idea was created when we were not able to find anything in the stores that fitted our needs and we discovered many friends struggling with the same space issues for waste, hence we created the multifunctional recycling station into a furniture. Created in Barcelona, designed and made in Finland.

The Award Winning Finnish Designer Harri Koskinen

The uncompromising, bold aesthetic design of Harri Koskinen and spare, long lasting style combined with the aim for a better sustainable and conscious future creates a beautiful piece of functional furniture. Ecosmol is a durable and high quality mobile and modular recycling bin made of plywood, made in green Finland, and it can be placed anywhere in your home or public space, can be used as a table, as a bench, as a shelf or as a cube storage unit. You can place your recyclable waste items inside it, depending on your household needs: plastics, glass, carton, paper or metal. Each unit consists of three sections and you can adjust the walls and bags inside according to your changing household recycling needs.

Ecosmol, a multifunctional recycling bin designed smartly by Harri Koskinen