Will your organization be one of the leaders for a green and better environment for future generations and create value?

Zero Waste Consulting: Contact us to drive growth by analyzing the environmental footprint of your company with focus on waste management and value creation. Team of engaged minds and subject matter experts can disrupt, reduce waste and create better value in the following areas:

Interactive Zero-Waste workshop held by Niimaar for Circular Economy and New Green Solutions training visit: a partner event of the EU Green Week supported by Sitra and organized by ETCP for delegates of EU Funds Managing Authorities.

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While working at Fiskars, Enni led Fiskars EMEA Recycling Campaign, the creation of marketing assets and communication, implementation of the campaign Cross Categories, and several countries. Liaison with Logistics and recycling Partners.

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Zero Waste Workswap organized at Think Corner Helsinki. Niimaar team introduced the concept of Zero Waste. The team shared practical everyday tips and recipes on how you can easily incorporate the principles into your life.

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We are here to match your needs with our Zero Waste products and services.

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