Team Niimaar in two generations

We are currently located in Helsinki, Barcelona and Stockholm. We are a team of two generations of women with an entrepreneurial mindset and can do attitude, who truly care about nature, design and sustainable lifestyle and the future. Functionality and durability are the aim of Niimaar products. Aesthetics is a byproduct instead of the direct aim.

For us and the team the notion of good simple and fascinating design means that it needs to be meaningful, innovative and wellgrounded.
“There is no solution, because there is no problem” Marcel Duchamp. Instead of solutions we create possibilities of how things could be. We provide functional recycling products for every day use, which help to create a more meaningful material culture.

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Meillä Kotona  Nov. 2018

Finnair Blue Wings March 2018

Scan Magazine April 2018

Avotakka  July 2017

Glorian Koti July 2017

Plaza Koti May 2017

Kemikaali Cocktail  2017

Magicpocks Sept. 2017

Lily Finland  August 2017

Uusi Musa 2017

Sugar Universe July 2017

Maaseudun Sivistysliitto 2017

Läihömutsi August 2017

Maalla Sept. 2017

Aprillaprill  November 2017

Homevialaura April 2018

Mustaovi July 2018

Talostakoti July 2018

Muutamahetki July 2018

Keittiohaaste July 2019

Katja Koko November 2019

El Periodico November 2018

Metropoli February 2019

Youtube March 2019

Time Out March 2019