Zero waste consulting

The resilient Nordic spirit drives us forward in developing products, the advisory service and the Niimaar volunteer foundation.

Contact us to drive growth by analyzing the environmental footprint of your company with focus on waste management and value creation. Our team of engaged minds and subject matter experts can disrupt, reduce waste and create better value.

Niimaar for Businesses

Our goal is that by 2025 an estimated 39 kilotons of waste has been recycled through Niimaar Forever bins. We help businesses and organizations recycle and reduce waste and we help measure the impact in kilograms.

Will your organization be one of the leaders for a green and better environment for future generations and create value?

What we have achieved so far

Together we’ve saved plastic by using Niimaar reusable Recycling Bags

Together, Niimar team & volunteers have cleaned up waste from coasts of Europe

Together via Niimaar Forever Bins we’ve recycled

Who we work with

We are here to match your needs with our Zero waste products and services, managed by founder Enni Karikoski and team of leading environmental and business experts. Contact: [email protected], tel.+358 407023656.

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