Circular Economy Services

Will your organization be one of the leaders for a green and better environment for future generations and create value?

Contact us to drive growth by analyzing material waste streams, reducing waste, planning circular business activities and guiding sustainability reporting and much more for your company. Our team of engaged minds and subject matter experts can disrupt, reduce waste and create better value.

Material Review and Audit

Analysis of the waste streams for an organization and recommendations

Improve your company’s competitiveness by:

  • Optimizing efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Promoting responsibility and sustainability.

We can assist your company by:

  • Analyzing different waste streams.
  • Identifying material losses in operations, and finding ways to reduce them.

During the review, we will:

  • Evaluate the flow-through and circulation in the production process.
  • Understand the actual costs of material flows comprehensively.

Sustainability/ ESG reporting, guidance, publishing and communications

  • Guidance for sustainability/ESG reporting.
  • Full reporting based on GRI standards (in accordance or reference).
  • The option of building a roadmap for sustainability reporting for the next few years to ensure compliance with upcoming mandatory EU CSRD requirements.

The report can be used for separate sustainability reporting or as part of an annual report for mandatory organizational sustainability reporting, according to new CSRD requirements.

Circular Action Plan

A yearly action plan for your organization on how to become a circular economy and find opportunities. Includes a kit with the latest insights on circular trends in 2023/24

Improve your company’s competitiveness by promoting responsibility and sustainability through concrete measures.

We offer the following services to assist your company:

  • A circularity action plan that includes an overview of strategies and actions.
  • Timelines to move towards a more circular and sustainable business.

Roadmap and Action Plan for Sustainable Packaging

Recommendations for Zero Waste Packaging and a Packaging Renewal Action Plan

  • Transitioning to eco-friendly packaging materials.
  • Optimizing packaging costs and efficiency.
  • Providing the best possible customer experience for packaging.
  • Packaging renewal project planning and management.

Innovative Zero Waste Workshops

  • Sector/industry-specific workshops tailored to meet your company’s needs
  • Focus on waste reduction and sustainability.
  • Speeches for corporate events on general topics such as circular economy
  • Private Zero Waste workshops for teams, such as a flower-rescue-bouquets team-building workshop

Sustainability presentations for organizations and public speaking

  • Presentations and public speaking for organizations.
  • Topics: sustainability, circular economy, waste, and ESG reporting.

Niimaar products for Businesses

Our goal is that by 2025 an estimated 39 kilotons of waste has been recycled through Niimaar Forever bins. We help businesses and organizations recycle and reduce waste and we help measure the impact in kilograms.

The resilient Nordic spirit drives us forward in developing products, the advisory service and the Niimaar volunteer activities, future foundation.

We are here to match your needs with our Circular Design products and Circular Economy services, managed by founder Enni Karikoski and team of leading environmental and business experts. Contact: [email protected], tel.+358 407023656.

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Together we have saved plastic by using Niimaar reusable Recycling Bags

Together with Niimaar team & volunteers, we have cleaned up waste from coasts of Europe

Together via Niimaar Forever Bins we’ve sorted waste and recycled

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