Plogging Kit + Activity

This is a Nordic rooted activity in Barcelona: we run and pick trash on the way! We will go through a special route and you will see the best spots of the city. It will be held by a marathon runner, at pleasant speed and you can choose beach or mountain route, very early or early bird. Great for friends and teams. At the end of the route we will enjoy a complimentary fresh juice and a great view. We will provide gloves and bags. Consult date and time:, tel + 358 407023656. Minimum 5 people, 6 eur/ person. Be fit and be green!




Embrace the Swedish fitness craze and discover the eco-friendly work-out also known as plogging. What’s not to love in the concept?! You run and pick up trashes on your way. It’s both good for you and good for the environment!

Join our plogging sessions organised in Barcelona. We also announce the upcoming “plogging sesh” on Facebook.