May 24, 2021

Design Biowaste Box for organic waste

New Biowaste Box from Woodio material designed by Andreu Carulla

Niimaar has created the line of design Forever Bins: Ecosmol, Ecomini and Ecogrande® designs which enable to reduce waste in many ways. Now Niimaar introduces the newest member of the design family is the cool looking and functional Biowaste Box. The stylish Biowaste box can be used on the kitchen counter at home or at the summerhouse, on the dining table or on hotel breakfast tables to gather biowaste such as eggshells, vegetable and fruit skin etc.

Niimaar® introduced the first design Biowaste Box in April 2021, the new addition to the Forever Bins, designed by renowned designer Andreu Carulla and made in Finland out of Woodio solid wood composite material. The first units were immediately sold out!

At Niimaar, Finnish Circular Design company, we create stunning Forever designs made of ecological and recycled materials. The nimble Nordic Niimaar team tackles the global waste problem and helps to move away from a throwaway, single use culture. Through recycling we go towards a zero waste culture.

Our main products, Forever Bins, have been designed to be used for sorting waste and recycling in style at homes, offices, commercial spaces, museums, schools and hotels. Niimaar team also provides zero waste services for organizations and workshops for citizens.

There is no need to throw biowaste into the mix bins, instead we can gather biowaste into the new design Biowaste boxes that suit a modern interior design.

Organic waste can be processed to valuable compost or moved to biowaste containers to be recycled into biogas energy. Biowaste is a sustainable source of energy, and therefore a good alternative to fossil fuels. We can do all this whilst most importantly, significantly reducing the amount of food waste created daily.”

– Enni Karikoski, Niimaar CEO

Combat food waste with Circular Design

When all food waste can be avoided, the Biowaste Box users can use the Biowaste Box as a flowerpot or storage unit. By reducing the amount of waste created and improving recycling rates, we can move towards a circular economy, step by step.

Niimaar design is based on Circular Design principles: the team creates long lasting design items, which are multiuse (as the original Forever Bins Ecosmol and Ecomini also serve as seats and side tables!) and can be used generation after generation and materials can stay in the circular flow forever. Andreu Carulla, a Spanish designer who has designed for MUJI, IDÉE, Nanimarquina and El Celler de Can Roca, created the design for the Biowaste Box, in which clear design lines, usability, stackability and sustainability were key. Niimaar team met Andreu Carulla and the team back in 2018 and they immediately hit it off and “spoke the same design language”.

Regarding the materials, Niimaar chose to use the Woodio material for the new Biowaste Box. Woodio material is the world’s first cast mouldable and 100% waterproof solid wood composite – made from real wood chips and advanced resins. Woodio® material is an excellent choice for the Biowaste Box for which, durability and 100% water tolerance are required without compromising design or sustainability. Niimaar is excited to have collaborated with Woodio to launch their new multifunction design piece made of truly sustainable materials. The lid of the Biowaste box is made of FSC certified 100% Finnish birch plywood. Order now.

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