June 12, 2021

Niimaar opens Sustainability Showroom

Original Finnish female founded sustainable brand
launches webshop ‘Sustainable Heart of Helsinki’

Finnish circular design and sustainable brand Niimaar launches its Sustainability Showroom workshop and meeting space in central Helsinki, its mission to educate and inspire towards zero waste and showcase its Forever Product range.

With increasing demand in Nordic and Scandinavian countries Niimaar simultaneously launches its new webshop – www.niimaar.com – in English, Finnish and importantly Japanese, with Niimaar an official partner of a wooden Metsä Pavilion, at the Finnish Tokyo embassy during 2020-2021.

Announcing the showroom and webshop, Enni Karikoski, Niimaar founder and CEO said:

“Niimaar is dedicated to addressing climate change and waste, bringing our recycling designs to more homes and businesses, as well as consulting and talks. Provided via our new global website and shop, workshops and Sustainability Showroom. This is a major step forward in delivering on our mission to change throwaway culture, one step at a time.’’

Our Sustainability Showroom and products all help rid our world of single use plastic bags and unsightly bins. Our new workshops and talks will be open to all, so everyone is welcome who is interested or involved in the topics of sustainability and accessible quality designs, built to serve and last generations.”

– added Karikoski.

The Ecograde recycling bin, Niimaar’s business and office edition of its flagship Ecosmol, brings Niimaar’s trademark versatility and flexibility to any cafe, hotel or office space. Not least with Niimaar’s ‘Any room, any Era’ ethos. All designs and materials being 100% Finnish and by multi-award winning Harri Koskinen.

An active founder of Helsinki and Barcelona beach ‘plogging’ cleanups, Enni Karikoski is a regular on the weekly cleanups with volunteer talks to local schools and kindergartens. All volunteer run and whilst juggling a small business and family.

Book your showroom visit and come say hi!

Niimaar, as founder of the local Helsinki ‘plogging’ beach cleaning movement, offers bespoke and non-profit and other talks to schools, organizations and corporates on best practice, trends, recycling culture and plans. Get in touch for your showroom visit, zero waste workshop or online talk.

Contact [email protected] to book an appointment.

More about Niimaar

As part of Niimaar’s mission to bring sustainable thinking to more business and homes, founder Enni Karikoski has been active with online webinars and talks and events including a recent – Enni has in 2019 also published her book Zero Waste Society detailing her personal journey and manifesto towards a sustainable lifestyle approach to issues affecting our world.

Links & info:
video mission (1min) – Enni Karikoski Mission with Niimaar and Zero Waste Society
Niimaar Instagram – stories and events
Helsinki Plogging – instagram volunteer and events pic
Business Finland Japanese Pavillion 2021

Media Contact:
Enni Karikoski [email protected] / Tel +358 40 702 3656

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